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Your Cleveland East Chapter has partnered with Gleim to ensure your success on the CMA exam!  Working together we will provide you the necessary tools to prepare for the difficult exam.

Gleim provides an extensive self-study course for the CMA exam.  Our most successful candidates use the Gleim CMA Review System with Gleim Online.  This system combines Review Books, Test Prep Software, Test Prep for Window’s Mobile, Audio Cds, Gleim Online and a Personal Counselor (a real live person!) to maximize your available study time.  Because Gleim identifies and focuses on your weak areas, you will not spend anymore time preparing than is necessary to guarantee success.  The Gleim CMA Review System with Gleim Online GUARANTEES that you will pass each exam part the first time.

As a member of the chapter, you are eligible for significant discounts on any of Gleim’s CMA material, as well as Gleim CPE.  To take advantage of the reduced prices please contact our chapter representative, Melissa Leonard at (800)874-5346, Ext. 131.

Pass the CMA Exam!

Gleim CMA Review System Includes:

Personal Counselor

Gleim Online

Test Prep Software

Test Prep for Windows Mobile

Essay Wizard


18-Month Product Replacement

Contact Melissa Leonard at:

(800)874-4346 Ext. 131